Tulips by Parliament Hill


Photo by Vu Nguyen

The Capital Photo Club started back in 2008 when two colleagues, who recently purchased DSLR cameras, wanted a forum to share their photos. Originally called the Photo Tuesdays Club, they met every Tuesday at lunch and decide on a topic to photograph. You can still see the original club photos here.

After the winter break, the club resumed but this time with a new name and a few more members. We still have the same mission where we meet during the lunch hour and go out and take photos of current assignment topic.This club is about sharing a passion for photography. If you share the same passion and would like to join, all you need is to:

  1. Have a camera (preferably digital as you’ll be uploading your photos)
  2. Have a Flickr (free) account
  3. Join the Capital Photo Club Flickr group
  4. Check this web site for current photo assignment topic (you can also follow the Capital Photo Club on Twitter as well)
  5. Go out and photograph the topics
  6. Upload your photos to your Flickr account
  7. Tag your photos with the photo assignment tag (e.g. ‘capphoto19’ for photo assignment #19)
  8. Add you photos to the Capital Photo Club Flickr group

That’s all. The photos will automatically show up on this site based on the tag that you’ve added to the photos. Hope to see you out there.